In a Nut Shell

Christine Leo was born and raised in Southern California where she currently resides with her tech savvy husband. Her need to make a living led her to health insurance, yet her love of writing beckoned her into the exciting world of romantic fiction. She holds a BA in Communications, which would have been Creative Writing had the universe simply dropped a romance novel on her head a little sooner. A really heavy romance novel. At least six-hundred pages. Hardcover.

The Actual Nut

First, you should know that I love donuts, ice cream and cake more than you. You’re probably thinking, “That’s impossible, she doesn’t even know me.” Trust me when I say, I don’t have to know you or your food preferences, to know that I can eat anyone under the table when it comes to these high-caloried concoctions.

28th B-day 031
Exhibit A

You know those people at birthday parties that scrape the frosting off of their cake and say, “Oh, that’s way too much for me.” Well, I’m the person that says, “You gonna eat that?”  The picture to the right is exhibit A. This is me on my birthday eating cake. You see that giant blob of frosting on top? You know what happened to it? I ate it.

So what the heck does this have to do anything? 1. I’m honest to a fault and 2. When I’m passionate about something, I go overboard.

One of my greatest passions is writing, but unlike most writers you meet, I didn’t grow up with my head in a book. As much as I would love to tell you that I was an intellectual first grader who devoured War and Peace during recess, I would be lying. Reading wasn’t my refuge, music was. I would barricade myself in a room, blast the radio and try to hit every high note that made Mariah, Whitney and Celine famous.

Yup, I wanted to be Mariah Carey when I was eleven years old. I’ll never forget singing “Hero” in the sixth grade talent show. I learned a very important lesson that day, one vital ingredient the great Ms. Carey possessed that I didn’t…The ability to perform without hyperventilating from pure terror.

In college, I entertained the idea of auditioning for a couple of ensembles, until I saw the sea of skinny girls singing scales in the hallway and ran out of the music department like the building was on fire. Call me a chicken (or whatever farm animal you like), but I quickly realized that loving to sing and being a performer are two VERY different things. I ended up majoring in Communications and spent a year writing for the University’s newspaper and magazine.

Even though college reacquainted me with my “other love,” it wasn’t until after graduation that I discovered paranormal romance and subsequently found an outlet for writing I was passionate enough to pursue.  In two years, I went from wondering how bookstores stayed open to trying to set up a cot in one. When my husband could no longer find me behind my fort made of books, I decided it was time to exploit my new obsession with romance fiction by writing it.

I decided to take a brief foray from romance novels to write about one of the most uncomfortable topics on the planet – myself. Losing weight all those years ago was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. Keeping it off was even more difficult. So when a Bulgarian weight loss company (who shall remain nameless because I refuse to give their thieving asses any kind of publicity) stole my before and after photos to sell some kind of diet pill, I was pissed. Then when I found out that there was nothing I could really do because they weren’t an American based company, I was livid. So I did the only thing I could do… I put the real story into my own words.